Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

Riddled With Ghosts: The Haunted Rooms of the Ancient Ram Inn

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Welcome to Britain’s most haunted inn – where guests have been left so scared they have even jumped out of the windows to escape the terror within.

By Stephanie Weber.
The Ancient Ram Inn, in Gloucestershire, England, has the amazing distinction of being nearly 900 years old. With all of that history, though, comes an astounding number of ghosts that have refused to check out over the years. Guests have been so scared that they have even jumped out of windows to escape the terror.
Located in the village of Wotten-under-Edge, Ancient Ram looks perfectly cozy and quaint. But the structure itself was built on a pagan ritual ground in 1145, which many believe disturbed the peace of the spirits resting there. The site was then used to house the clergy at the local St. Mary’s Church, before being passed down for centuries among various owners. In the early 20th century, it was converted to the inn it is today. At that point, guests had the opportunity to start meeting all of its ghosts.
John Humphries is the owner, as well as a long-time resident of the Ancient Ram. In 2013, he admitted to the Daily Mail that, “the whole house is absolutely terrifying.” On Humphries’ first night at the inn, he remembers being dragged out of bed by a spirit and thrown across the room. Humphries’ wife and three daughters have all moved out of the haunted house, each with terrifying stories of their own, leaving him to take care of the place by himself.

Several ghosts who haunt the inn are so well-known to visitors, they can be identified by name. One such spirit is Rosie, the ghost of a little girl who was allegedly murdered at the inn. The little girl was an innkeeper’s daughter and she was found hanged in the attic. Another spirit killed at the inn is the Witch. Some time in the 16th century, this woman supposedly hid out in the Ancient Ram Inn before being discovered and burnt at the stake on the premises. Her spirit is angry and often lashes out at guests while they try to sleep. There is the Roman Centurion, once spotted by a plumber working at the inn, as well as the High Priestess, who surprises guests in their bedrooms in the middle of the night. And one of the most disturbing apparitions at the inn is the Succubus, who not only appears to guests in their rooms at night, but attacks them as well.
The most haunted room in the house is The Bishop’s Room, in which nine different ghosts have reportedly been seen. The different encounters include strange mists, disembodied screams, a woman hanging from the ceiling, and eerie ghost monks. One of the room’s most faithful ghosts is a shepherd, who is seen standing watch at the door with his dog.
Many visitors have claimed to hear the screams and cries of children at night. The innkeepers have put toys in and around the inn to keep the ghost children happy. According to Mr. Humphries, there is less crying now that the toys have been scattered around. The Humphries family also discovered small bones and daggers when they were renovating the house, which they believe to have been the burial of a child sacrificed to Pagan gods.
Many tourists try to take pictures of apparitions within the inn. Ghost hunters have photographed strange orbs, shadows, and beams of light, all of which they insist are ghosts caught on film. Visitors have also claimed to hear footsteps, knocking on the walls, the sound of something or someone being dragged on the roof, and even the occasional voice telling them to “get out.”
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