Published On: Sat, Mar 4th, 2017

The WBHN-NJ podcast is on Patreon!

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Thank you for your interest in supporting WBHN-NJ. We depend on God to provide through the support of generous people. Listener support keeps WBHN-NJ strong and independent and is a vital source of funding for our independent media operation.

Black Helicopter Crowd
$1 or more per month
Did you just take the red pill and join the Black Helicopter Crowd of enlightened, reputable, & highly educated critical thinkers? Yes, yes you did. THANK YOU! As an official patron:

#1. You are granted access to our members only Patreon Feed &  our Secret Show, a bonus episode at the end of every month that you won’t find anywhere else!
#2. You are granted access to an EXCLUSIVE members only, monthly Q/A on Google Hangouts at the end of every month.

Enlightened Contributor
$3 or more per month
#1. We will briefly plug any project, or whatever you want once a week.
#2. Plus all previous rewards.

Low-Key Whistleblower
$5 or more per month
#1. You will be named an honorary Black Helicopter News Correspondent and can suggest articles and topics to talk about and if/when we report on it we will mention your name on air.
#2. Plus all previous rewards.

Highly Educated Conspiracy Theorist
$10 or more per month
L#1. You will be named an honorary Black Helicopter News Reporter and can call in the show once a week to report about a topic or article of your choice. *(Limit of 5 minutes on air per week)
#2. Plus all previous rewards.

Five-Star General in the Information war
$20 or more per month
#1. You will be named an honorary Black Helicopter News, News Anchor and can host one episode per month. *(Limit of 15 minutes on air per episode)
#2. Plus all previous rewards.

Super-Elite Anti-Illuminati Task Force
$100 or more per month
You will be named honorary Associate Executive Producer and granted the option of one of two choices:
#1a. Host one episode a week by yourself (with our assistance, if needed).
#1.b You can shape the agenda for one episode a week. You will have substantial influence within the Black Helicopter News Center.
#2. Plus all previous rewards

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